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For my friends, I’m giving up…

Soda (It was a resolution anyway)

Bad language.

Laziness (hopefully for good)

Wasteful spending of food and energy.


So I haven’t been keeping my resolution…

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I haven’t been on for a while. Boo me. I have cut back on drinking soda, and am 1 week away from quitting outright (yay me) so I’ve been keeping one resolution at least.

It’s kind of frustrating to coordinate everything – MySpace, Facebook, and MyUCLA, along with the four email inboxes I use. That’s not an excuse or an explanation, though. I need to treat my life like the DB copy desk treats my writing – burn it, cut it, trim what doesn’t matter. I need to strive for verbal conservatism.

I realize now that all of my old resolutions can be rolled into one – live smaller. All of my resolutions (giving up soda, cutting down on sugar, running, etc.) are all discipline things, all ascetic things. So if I just live more frugally, everything else will come with it.

So, new resolution: Live frugally. I don’t need to party every week. I don’t need soda with every meal – or at all. I don’t need that much sleep, nor do I need more than 10 minutes in the shower. I can be more spartan and still enjoy my life. I’ll probably enjoy it more, since I can focus on what I say I want, rather than blow all my resources on things I think I want.

That is all.

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