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Congratulations to all of you pulling out acceptance letters from your dream schools; may your next four years be charmed and joyful. I hope you fall in love at least once, stay up at least two nights talking with someone (sober or not) and you find vocation, discipline, and satisfaction beyond imagination and matriculation. May you escape with many memories and minimal loan debt.

To those of you who were rejected but are going to other, acceptable fallbacks: It’s all good. I was where you were three years ago and I’m glad I decided on UCLA.

To those of you marking time at a community college, fear not: Harvard has started taking transfers again. Seriously. Why not strive for the utmost?

In any case, I pray you remember that these are not the best years of your lives. But, they should be the best years of your livesĀ thus far, so live them up. You’ll miss high school, eventually. But don’t let that bug you too much.



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