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Glad I

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grew up the way I did

I’m comfortable enough with the idea of the world ending (and the idea that my part to play in it is to not hurt people) that I’m not too shocked by this.

That said, every elected official, cookie pusher, and spythat’s awake right now must be going freaking out. Iranian troops in Iraq? Remember the last time that happened?

“May you live in interesting times.”


On Spec

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It doesn’t work. Craigslist knows how I feel:

It’s great that you have decided to start a blog, or a new webzine, or to publish your latest book, however it is damn nervy to ask writers to commit to writing articles (such as the gaming people who want FIVE articles per week) for free. A professional writer doesn’t need “exposure”, they need money. Professional writers don’t waste time working on spec for startups, they only work on spec for established publications. Would you ask a hairdresser to style your hair for free because you couldn’t pay them but offer them the “exposure” of telling everyone who did your hair?

If you want professional writers – PAY THEM.


Protected: Perspective

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Limerick for Penn Masala

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I really can’t stand what you do.

I’m procrastinating thanks to you.

Yet your songs are so smooth,

almost crafted to soothe

and I’m enjoying your music, ’tis true.


Review – “The Future of Faith”

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Spectrum magazine picked up my review on Harvey Cox’s Future of Faith – and the discussion was pretty lively (for a week, at least.)

Best news ever as I slog through the last two weeks of fall quarter. Two papers for Bartchy, a geography final for Gillespie. My misery and my reputation have a direct correlation.

Again, if you have any interest in religion at all check out my review here, and consider buying the book (through Spectrum’s affiliate account, if you would hahaha.)



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