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And the heat goes on…and the heat goes on.

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When I was in high school, I gave a speech comparing a girl to a diamond – transformed by the pressure of her home life and the heat of her passion for other people. I didn’t get a date out of it, but it was great fun. I can’t remember my speech verbatim, but I have it written down somewhere. It’s probably one of my better turns of phrase.

I’d make the same point about UCLA, but the heat is just sucking the charm and wit out of me right now.

I feel that UCLA’s like a toaster, with the Asian students as piece of toast – blackened on one edge (hair) honey-browned where the sun hits, and paler under their clothes.

I expect I’m going to get hella darker by the end of the week. It’s good to have Malay blood – we tan well.

This heat is ridiculous. It was mid-60s Friday afternoon, and I was wearing a polo, board shorts, and tsinelas on Sunday night at midnight. Way to mess around with the weather, California. You suck. And you’re probably going to get me sick. Again.

I’m in Covel as I write this. I’m going to walk to office hours in Bunche and chill (literally) until 3:30. PEACE.



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