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UCLA bucket list

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Just in case I forget. I will post revisions to this list, if necessary.


10/2, 10/7 #cantstopwontstop
Visit the White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court
Visit Claudine at Dartmouth
Write five letters to five separate people from “home.”
Not miss a day of work.
Visit the Moellers.
Go to Maryland-College Park, visit Gem and get an application for j-school
Pwn face on my paper.
Write a list of for-sure job/paid internship/non-school fellowship applications, along with deadlines for the year. 10 application minimum.

Griffith Observatory
Driver’s license
Finish my major classes
play 3 hours of saxophone a week.
Simpang Asia
Have three summer applications submitted.

Jazz Reggae
Spring Sing
SPCN and After-party
Finish my minor
Get back at least 5 job offers that pay above minimum wage
Get accepted to grad school
Decide what to do next.

In general:
GRADUATE with a BA in history, minor in Asian American studies
GET, ACCEPT, and MAINTAIN gainful employment over the summer.
MAINTAIN my sessions w/ the Undeniables, keeping a 85% fidelity rate (once a day, every day = 100%)
take at least one class in astronomy
take at least one class in ecology or biology
take at least one class completely outside of my major or minor interests that isn’t one of the above two.
Get off campus and out of the Village at least two days every two weeks.

Tie up my business, say and do what needs to be said and done, and get a car.

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