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Summer ’10 with friends

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A week of exile does wonders.

After finals, I retreated to my “country estate” in the hills near the county line and did absolutely nothing, save a column and a handful of e-mails. While I like to play off my seemingly endless energy, I was done by Tuesday of finals week. The shock over John’s passing, finals, and other projects left me an absolute nervous wreck the last two weeks of school. I’m astonished I got away as composed as I did.

This will not be a busy summer. I need to back up, breathe, and plan my senior year. I say it every year,  but this whole not-planning, not-sleeping, half-assed, half-cocked, eventually totally-panicked way of life is beginning to show cracks here and there – and I don’t feel like having an actual breakdown.

I have two major trips this summer, both to Los Angeles in July. I’m taking a new job and need to check how much work I’ll be doing, and I might Rosetta Stone Indonesian now that I have the software (thanks, Shuchita!)

I want to spend this summer with friends, as much of it as I can. We’re not getting any younger, and I’ll be in DC in the fall. So, e-mail/Facebook/call me when you want to hang out. I miss you, and I want to see you – for company, for bowling, for reminiscing, for advice.


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