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Reflect, Resolve, Restart

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I’ve never been too hyped-up about New Year’s. It’s generally been an excuse drink cider, wake up the neighborhood with a saxophone version of “Auld Lang Syne” at midnight and watch the Rose Parade – or be in it, if I’m particularly lucky.

I’m not too big on resolutions, since I tend to forget them by my cousin’s birthday (January 30th) and out of the 10 I wrote last year, I only kept two. I’m proud of those two, though. I now drink 5 glasses of water for every glass of soda and I’ve finally declared my history major.

It’s better to write resolutions, at least – there’s something to hope for. And my mom’s writing some serious ones (this is the year she wants to quit smoking) so I think I should step up. I’m not going to be cute like last year (no “10 for ’09);  rather, I’m going to write out a few things I’ve been wanting to do for years and get them done.


4.0 until I graduate. No more excuses.

Go to every class this year – on time.

Pick up a minor by winter 2011.

Back to my old fluency in Spanish by Fall 2010. I should be able to read La Opinion by this time next year.


Do at least 15 hours a week for Arvli.

Get to work at or before 10 am, every day.

Get an internship with the Santa Monica Daily Press for spring and summer (contingent on the bicycle.)

Personal – Physical

Get a bike – and learn to ride it.

Run at least one mile a day, three days a week.

Weights with Andy, at least once a week.

Visit doctors, dentists, optometrists and psychologists more. I’m too cavalier about my health, and I have USHIP, so I should use it.

Personal – Mental

Read 400 pages a month outside of school. I can do that, right?

Personal – Religious

Do a baptismal study @ Hollywood or Santa Monica.

Find a group on campus.

Read through my Bible in a year.

Stop being so mean.

Pay my tithe.

Personal – Other

Write 2000 words a week outside of school – and preferably, outside this blog. And Facebook doesn’t count!

Bring a saxophone to LA. Practice 150 minutes a week.

Look for piano lessons.

Get my driver’s license.

Audition for Company.

Save 10 percent of every paycheck, tithe 10, use 50, hold 30.


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