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“But I tell stories…like this one.”

-Jason Bayani, “Ardenwood B-Boys”

I have no idea how I didn’t know about NPR as a teenager. I was a news geek back in the day – how come I never heard of Ira Glass? He spoke to my wonky soul, and NPR’s music choices would have been epic in a life dominated by marching or pop. After an evening of listening to NPR and DB Radio (yes, Daily Bruin has radio, you should listen!) I’m pretty sure I’m going to work in radio in some capacity.

I feel drawn to radio. This isn’t a surprise, in retrospect. TV’s not nearly that important in my life – I haven’t had one in my house in a decade and a half. My family compensated with films and, to a greater extent, radio. I have the frequencies for every major station that reaches San Bernardino memorized (so clearly that I worked my mom’s car radio for almost a year when its display broke.)

Jazz? 89.1 or 94.7, of course. Country? 95.1 or 105.1, depending on how close to LA you are. Something more contemporary, perhaps? 96.1 once upon a time, 99.1 since my auntie graduated high school, 102.7 going West and 104.3 for old school. 103.5 for soft rock, 96.7 and 103.9 for the opposite – and let’s not forget 89.7 and 107.9 on Saturday mornings on the way to church. Hell, I remember 92.7 broadcasting from Avalon! I’ll bet no ‘dino kid my age remembers it – they all had TV!

But I do love radio. It’s one of the few things in me that isn’t subjection to the bifurcation my life’s subject to – church and street. It reaches back to my childhood and remains constant – TV can’t compete with it (because my eyes have been trained to read, instead of being browbeaten into submission by the boob tube.)

Perhaps Arkae’s right – we’re the same person we were when we were 5 years old – that is, the emotional, psychological, spiritual filters that we take new growth in are frozen at 5 years old. If that’s so, I suppose that’s why I’m such a sound junkie.


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