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I am sick

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…as a dog. (I never really got that expression, but it sounds particularly apt here.)

It was bound to happen eventually. What with my odd sleeping hours, my silly work habits, and the dialectical weather we’ve been having. (Don’t get me wrong, this Indian summer is hella bomb, but did it really have to come after 2 weeks of gray skies and freezing rain? Of course not.)

So I am making up my absence from work (well, it’s not really making up, but I feel like I ought to do something) by blogging and writing – I have a book review for Spectrum due soon.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t H1N1  – just a typical (albeit nasty) cold, since I don’t have any fever, chills or stomach trouble. Everything else is coming on like a bitch – I have to breathe through my mouth, I have to drink to prep my throat to swallow, and I’m drippy like a faucet.


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