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I think those of you who blog should blog more. I want to read what you have to say.

Really, I do.

“Why?” you might ask. “You’re a history major and an incorrigible nerd – don’t you have enough to read as it is?”

No, actually, I don’t. Reading comes in waves – some weeks, I have absolutely nothing, much like this week. Then, all of a sudden, 250293275764 pages come in, swamp me, and recede again. Then, I have nothing to do but read more. I’ve very much spend that time reading your blogs.

Let’s be real – I’d rather read work from people I know and can identify with than people I don’t know and can’t. Textbooks, oral histories, and primary sources are only so interesting…I’m human, contrary to popular belief.

Sure, I’ll read magazines and newspapers and websites (in fact, I think I need to renew a subscription or two. Or six.) but I write journalism, social history – I want – no, need – your voices.

So yeah. Y’all should start writing more. I sing the body electric, and you do too. I’d like to hear the body electric this summer.

Write more.

write because you’re good at it.

Write because you know you like to.

Write because it’s easy.

Write because it’s hard

Write because it’s fun.

Write because I’m nosy as hell and I miss y’all.

I don’t care why. Just write.

I will, too.


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