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Post-paper manic episode.

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It’s supposed to be a witty inversion of ‘post-partum depression.’ Late night blogging FAIL.

I always get a rush after finishing a paper, regardless of my physical state. For example, it’s 3am, I need to be in Kerckhoff for budget at 11, and I really need to pee. However, I feel particularly good. I just knocked out a 5-pager on Marx, Nietzsche, Hegel, and historiography. It’s not a topic I’m particularly strong in, but reading and writing is fun. And if I’m having this much fun writing about something I don’t feel an affinity for, can you imagine what I feel like after finishing something I like?

As Marielle would say: Oh, dang.
All signs point to write after college, sucka!

But they point away from grad school – my interests are far too broad for dissertation, seminar, and thesis committee. I suspect that I’ll feel the same why while researching and writing my thesis. Intellectual wanderlust has always landed me in trouble (usually in overcommitting myself) so I suspect that grad school will be a nightmare.

Maybe I should take the Nick Joaquin/Pramoedya route, play autodidact, and make a name for myself by writing in every medium possible while holding it down as a journalist? But newspapers are dying, and the American economy isn’t kind to autodidacts. The Third World is both kinder and crueler to its writers.

I mean, the whole “independent writer” gig is pretty cool, but can I pull it off, journalism becoming as professional and stratified as it is?

Maybe I should go to grad school. Ph.D status would drive me up the wall, law school would kill my writing, and J-school would cripple my credit.

But this is hella fun. Who needs school? I think I’ll try the Nick Joaquin newspaper/magazine gig after school. Or better…why wait? Land an internship and start now!


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