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Hello, spring break, my old friend.

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I just pulled my first legitimate all-nighter in college. I woke up at 2pm Wednesday, and edited and rewrote my term paper for Southern Literature and Culture. I still feel horrible about missing so many classes for Dr. Wilson this quarter, especially since I did so well on my papers, so I decided I was going to earn this A with the best damn paper I’d ever written. As a result, I worked from 2pm yesterday to 11am today, reworking my original draft through five more drafts.

Yes, five. And I would have done more. I have mad respect for Dr. Wilson.

So I sent it in ’round ten am, waited for housekeeping to finish with my bathroom (bless them!) and took the best nap I have ever had.

Then, I woke up at 6, went to dinner with my dad at Ackerman Union – he had Panda, I had Rubio’s. Then, to Royce, with two tickets to see Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, and Five Peace Band, courtesy of UCLALive and my friend Russell, who had to fly north to oversee recording with the Scattertones. $25 for father-son time in the Carnegie Hall of the West? Not bad.

Then, hot chocolate from Sproul Hall and Eat’N’Park smiley cookies (wow, Mom!)

To top it off, Buzz down the hall reactivated his WoW account, so I got some playing time in.

I am officially done with winter quarter.

This is a good way to start spring break.  I may not be planning to be catatonic in Cancun or make out in Mazatlan, but simple pleasures – jazz with pop, smiley cookies dunked in hot chocolate, and the total nerd rage of ganking with my blood elf rogue – set the tone for what promises to be a hella chill spring break.

…that said, Arkae, Mani, and I need to finish the script.


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