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(Un)Disciplined Blogging.

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Does anybody have advice on disciplined blogging?

It seems that I only blog when I have better things to do. In this particular case, I have two writing finals Monday, a philosophy paper due Tuesday, and a literature paper due Thursday. Add to that my voluntary contribution of a piece on EFCA for Spectrum, and I have a hell of a week to beat before spring break.

With all that breathing down my neck and trickling into my subconscious, what am I doing? Blogging.

This brings up questions.

Why am I doing this?

Well, I obviously don’t want to work. Thinking about a blog is considerably less stressful than chewing my way through Kant’s ethics or Faulkner’s obsession with sex, race, and death in the South. Blogging is an escape.

Is there something else you can/should be using this blog for?

Yes. I started this thing to showcase my work and play with possible ideas for long-form articles, essays, and columns. This blog is supposed to be a commonplace book and staging ground. I’m not writing for the rest of the quarter, though, so I’m not obsessing about column ideas yet. I should be putting down ideas for work in here, but since I’m supposed to be studying for finals though I’m not, it seems as if any productive work I’m doing can get shot down.

What’s your problem, then?

I don’t know. But I sure as hell know I shouldn’t be treating this like Internet survey memes – “oh, I’m going to do this survey because I’m hella bored.” I can do more with it, and I should.


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