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It creeps up slowly, and at the most inopportune times. When you want it, it retreats, teasing you like that cute girl from seventh grade. When you decide to abandon it, it crashes down, a wave that sweeps the will to be out of you.

I’m feeling two kinds of exhaustion. The obvious first kind is the feeling of someone blogging at two-thirty in the morning, when insomnia begins to bow out and the creeping tiredness that’s toyed with the fringes of your mind since 10 comes down like a thunderbolt of abject misery.

The next is the unique exhaustion that students on the UC’s quarter system feel. Silence has descended over UCLA in what we call the 22 Hours of Quiet – so people can study in the week leading up to finals. Dead week is what we call it, and the world – even in bright LA spring – seems dead indeed.

Winter quarters and I don’t do well. Last year’s winter quarter was the first time my grades dropped. I anticipate the same will happen here. It’s something that needs to change.

So I’ll start now by going to sleep, as I have a class at 9. Good night.


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